Just Go For It

Just Go For It Jumping girl by

Sometimes colleagues, friends or family will tell you: ”Just go for it!” They mean to encourage you to jump over your own shadow and get out of your own way. They believe in you and you might even share their overall confidence. But despite the overall “positivity” you observe yourself still not going for it.That’s […]

Just Be Yourself

Just Be Yourself Woman in Yoga position

…is probably the worst advice anyone can give to you when preparing for something unusual like a speech or an important meeting. I always found “be yourself” as external advice very confusing. I believe that your behavior is always a consequence of the surrounding context. Anything else would probably be considered unsociable, weird or both. […]

Creativity Unplugged

Creativity Unplugged A light bulb plugging a plug

Many people associated creativity with artists or artistic works. They might think that it needs a certain discipline to be creative. But if you look a bit closer, I’m sure you have noticed creative moments pop up in the most unusual places and far away from anything artistic.  How is that possible you might ask? […]

I have this feeling

I have this feeling Photo by Matteo Maretto

As a performing artist, you will be expected to produce authentic looking feelings on demand. It is a skill set that you will learn and practice during your education. In a first step, you will isolate and correctly name individual feelings. Later on you will practice to express them with the right build up, dosage […]

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