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Creativity is a powerful tool. It helps transform abstract ideas into something tangible that you can share with others.
In recent years, its use has been democratised. More and more people understand that creativity isn’t reserved to artists or a particular discipline. Anyone is free to use it!

Also many corporations have started to jump onto the band wagon. They invest a lot of effort and resources to boost creativity at work and usually with the help of some kind of agile work process.
I think it is great that there is a realisation about its potential benefits: like a higher job satisfaction, faster development cycles, customer-centric solutions, innovation, networked solutions and many more. Creativity will benefit all stakeholders.

The trouble is that when corporate management is in need of process, creativity will need structure. And when management needs structure, creativity will need a playground without rules. Where management works to find optimal configurations, creativity will choose to push things over the edge.
The list goes on, but you see where this is heading: there are conflicting expectations and needs. Stimulating creativity is only part of the deal to harvest it.

The real challenge is creating effective junctions and an environment that matches your team’s needs. You should invest less into stimulating ideas and more into crafting an environment where creativity will be a consequence.
What are your best ideas to shape this environment? What do you need to see your ideas grow? Share away and help others grow!

Photo by: Niv Singer

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