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The Winner takes it all

The Winner takes it all Photo by Bruce Mars

Hi performance individuals tend to focus on the win and the success that will await them once they “get there”. They can’t be blamed, because winners get a lot of positive attention and many people will look up to them for being a “winner”. One might add: if you have the capacities, why not try […]

Scared to be right

Scared to be right Photo by Leo Wieling

Many times people will stop short to develop an idea because they fear negative reception or failure. Your assumption might be true in some cases but you should also consider that the opposite can be true. Less obvious, but as powerful to stop you from going forward.  The fear that people might actually find “it” […]

The personal artist

The personal artist Photo by Hybrid

Making it personal is probably the best and the scariest part of being an artist. If things go well it feels amazing and if you meet criticism, it goes straight to your heart. And that hurts. Some protect themselves by shutting themselves off, some hide behind sarcasm, arrogance or ignorance. Some, however, invest the effort […]

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