I have this feeling

Photo by Matteo Maretto

As a performing artist, you will be expected to produce authentic looking feelings on demand. It is a skill set that you will learn and practice during your education. In a first step, you will isolate and correctly name individual feelings.

Later on you will practice to express them with the right build up, dosage and mix to create the requested effect. The learning process will include practical exercises allowing connecting cognition with bodily states for each feeling.

When a professional artist says “I have a feeling” about a situation or a person, there is a good chance that they picked something up on a very fine level. Their senses have been professionally fine-tuned for years and decades.

Since they can’t read minds they will not be able to explain every contextual detail, but as a rule of thumb, I invite you to consider that there is information in the room that people with lesser skill have missed.

Photography by Matteo Maretto

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