Just Go For It

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Sometimes colleagues, friends or family will tell you: ”Just go for it!” They mean to encourage you to jump over your own shadow and get out of your own way. They believe in you and you might even share their overall confidence. But despite the overall “positivity” you observe yourself still not going for it.
That’s usually when you start to doubt the whole idea and in some situations you might feel a bit of self-doubt kick in about your overall capabilities.

In those situations it might be helpful to look at your inaction from a different angle. Maybe there is a reason that your system is not going full blast ahead. Maybe there is a valid objection to the path ahead of you. It could be linked to the value of the project based on your needs. You could also just lack a plan or the methodology to execute it.

Inaction has many reasons and to think that it can all be fixed by injecting confidence is simply not true. Consider trying to understand your inaction first and understand what causes it first. Once that is settled, probably nobody has to tell you to “just go for it” anymore since you’ll most likely already be on your way.

Photography by Shlomi Platzman

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