Obviously Silly (in 100 Years)

Steam train on a big bridge

Human knowledge has evolved tremendously in the last 5000 years. It is difficult not to laugh at some of the misconceptions and beliefs from the “old days”.

The earth is flat, sand is the smallest element in our universe, train rides are harmful to mental health, Africa and South America were never connected, the evolution of human embryos is somehow related to fish,… you get the idea.

All those theories were supported by evidence that was based on predictions that turned out to be true – at least for some time. Nevertheless, the underlying theory was simply wrong.

Today we know better, thanks to more research and verified evidence which is available to the general public. Thankfully, we are more educated than ever! But are we more clever because of it?

I sometimes wonder which one of our concepts and theories of today will people consider obviously silly in 100 years?

Photo by Roland Lösslein

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