Planning For The Unexpected

Photo by Roseanna Smith

When working on something new like a creative, innovative or entrepreneurial project, it is clear that some unexpected things will occur. Some people try and anticipate the odds and they will invest resources to predict what’s still behind their current horizon. It often comes from a place of control and fear which can be understood, of course. But is this strategy ever going to pay off? Is trying to anticipate the future really going to be a good use of your time and resources? Better than directing your capacities fully on what needs your attention right now?

I think a better approach is to plan some spare resources and overheads into your project. Time being the most valuable asset in that regard. Think of it like a pit stop in a race. If something unforeseeable comes your way and needs your attention, you can check into one of those pit stop without throwing your whole project off the track. 

Photography by Roseanna Smith

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