When Waiting is the Fastest Route

Man waiting for a train by Max Wolf

Getting things done speedily seems like an ultimate sign of efficiency nowadays. It may seem unpopular to claim that waiting can be part of the fastest route to getting something done.

In “stop doing” resides the access to higher quality work and the potential to do something that didn’t exist before. Is it magic? Is it spiritual? Is it a secret formula? The answer is no x3.

However, it has to do with self regulation, creating space and collaborating with other people.

Imagine outsourcing a difficult task to an expert.  She does her work and you stop doing that task. Or think of fine wine, waiting for a train, or having a conversation. If you are asking a question to somebody and you want them to go beyond the usual prefabricated answer, try waiting a few seconds after their initial response without saying anything.

Not doing anything is not nothing. Wisely used and you will gain access to new results with higher quality and more relevance.

Photo by Max Wolf

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