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Corporate creativity

Corporate creativity What are you looking at

Creativity is a powerful tool. It helps transform abstract ideas into something tangible that you can share with others.In recent years, its use has been democratised. More and more people understand that creativity isn’t reserved to artists or a particular discipline. Anyone is free to use it! Also many corporations have started to jump onto […]

Obviously Silly (in 100 Years)

Obviously Silly (in 100 Years) Steam train on a big bridge

Human knowledge has evolved tremendously in the last 5000 years. It is difficult not to laugh at some of the misconceptions and beliefs from the “old days”. The earth is flat, sand is the smallest element in our universe, train rides are harmful to mental health, Africa and South America were never connected, the evolution […]

Just Go For It

Just Go For It Jumping girl by

Sometimes colleagues, friends or family will tell you: ”Just go for it!” They mean to encourage you to jump over your own shadow and get out of your own way. They believe in you and you might even share their overall confidence. But despite the overall “positivity” you observe yourself still not going for it.That’s […]

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